Zapffe Komix

Keep your eyes peeled for the debut of a newcomer to the Sunday Comics Section.  From mountaineer/philosopher Peter Wessel Zapffe:

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Stop the presses

I don’t know how I missed it, but I just learned that Jack Hoff was inducted into the National Solid Waste Management Association Hall of Fame.

Good job, Jack! (Or is that Good Jack Job?)

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The Genealogy of Jesus

The Genealogy of Jesus

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With professors like these, you’d be well advised to sit behind the old-fashioned tub-type desks, for privacy/modesty purposes, while you “take notes” on your built-in laptop.





















Top to bottom, left to right:  Cassandra Hall (Pratt Institute), Tamsen Wolff (Princeton), Amanda Rose (Vanderbilt), Caroline Heldman (Occidental), Anahid Nersessian (Columbia), Olga Shuchkov (Wellesley), Bettany Hughes (Kings College London), Melissa Harris-Perry (Tulane), Cecile Alduy (Stanford), Dai Fei Fei (Peking U.), Angela Matilde Capodivacca (Yale), Lisa Randall (Harvard), Marina Frolova-Walker (Cambridge, Clare College), Lynette Cegelski (Stanford),  Jane McGonigal (UC Berkeley)

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Considering Minge

Several months ago, I posted an item on this blog titled “Nomenclature – A Pandemic of Child Abuse”.  The response was most gratifying; nobody prosecuted me.

Although I never considered my original listing exhaustive, I had not planned on updating it on a regular basis, or even, to be honest, ever.

Well, I missed one, actually two.  So, I’m not perfect.

Also, in my earlier post, I may have left the impression that unfortunate individuals victimized with odious appellations face an insurmountable barrier as they strive to achieve some modicum of dignity in their lives.  This is by no means true, and to illustrate the indomitability of the human spirit, I would like to introduce you to

Ewa Minge

a Polish fashion designer. Dubbed the “Next Couture”, her collection has been shown globally, including on the Spanish Steps in Rome.  So, yes, you can see Minge on the Spanish Steps, presumably if you lie at the bottom of the steps and look upwards.

Quoting from her online biography at InfomatFashion, “She arouses extreme emotions both at home and in the world.  Her brand is unique and distinctive, and cannot be confused with any other.”

So, congratulations Ewa.  You inspire us all.

As does your distant cousin (?), Ada Minge, authoress of Poetry on Beaver Creek

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Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

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In defense of Sandusky …

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